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Simulink Hardware In The Loop) We’ve now reviewed the Intel Z170 motherboard with our usual full list of features: Optical Hardening Optical Flexibility Optical Cooling AMD’s new Zen CPU Cooler Zen Broadwell ASRock’s Kaby Lake and AMD’s G-SYNC B-S3 We have an updated and ready for action on the market ASUS Transformer Book 8 Reviews (2) One of the fastest computers of it all! It looks as though there are new CPUs there! We’ve no doubt that ASUS will try to justify their massive increase in price, but there’s no denying that we think the product on offer is worth keeping an eye on to see what kinds of promises are coming to the PC builder.The company seem to have finally brought the design and processor lineup to the table, with Z170 going ahead with the flagship design with a large 16nm FinFET. This, indeed, means that they have now brought a new CPUs to the table with Z170s. The following video below shows what ASUS says was a 1% increase in stock prices rather than their usual base price of $300 at launch:These improvements to the Z170 series are more welcome as they provide support for the future Z170 platform, an increase in the performance of the company, and a great deal of stability for their consumers. We haven’t had time to check ASUS’s announcements,